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September 2005


Killer Buzz Flocks to New Browser

Originally in: [Wired News, September 14, 2005]

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Perhaps the world does not need another web browser — but it may want Bart Decrem’s.

Decrem and a small cadre of programmers in Palo …

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LA Story

A provocative exhibit at the Southern California Institute of Architecture extols the legacy of the LA School. But the LA School, true to form, begs to differ.

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For a city undergoing a cultural renaissance, Los Angeles has a lot to answer for. Or as native Angelenos Jeffrey Inaba and Peter Zellner put …

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Paul Starr’s Beauty

“Paul Starr On Beauty: Conversations with Thirty Celebrated Women” (Melcher Media; September)

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If “beauty is a form of genius,” as Oscar Wilde observed, is Paul Starr Hollywood’s Einstein? Over the course of a twenty-year career in film, …

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