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National Post

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AJ Jacobs’ The Know-It-All

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Cultural observers from Allan Bloom to {Jacques Barzun} have elaborately charted the great dumbing-down of Western life. {If our public intellectuals have a single cri …

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Todd Gitlin’s Media Torrent

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“Every book,” Todd Gitlin writes, “begins with a dissatisfaction,” and his new survey of our media-drenched environment (Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and …

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Richard Posner’s Public Intellectuals

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There are few things less useful, and more attractive, than a good list. Top 100 movies. Hot or not. Best of Vancouver. It’s tempting to …

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The Messenger is the Medium

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In 1971 the American writer William Gaddis published JR, a comic fable about the excesses of capitalism. Essentially a satire of Horatio Alger tales updated …

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