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Spent by Geoffrey Miller

It is particularly ironic that the critics have hurled all the conventional accusations at Miller, since his version of evolutionary psychology is so different from

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The truth about grit

Although this field of study is only a few years old, it’s already made important progress toward identifying the mental traits that allow some people

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‘Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior’

Mr. Miller endorses mass media and most of the fruits of marketing and globalization. He makes the extravagant claim that “American and French revolutions brought

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CRAP paper accepted by journal- New Scientist

At New Scientist we love a good hoax, especially one that both amuses and makes a serious point about the communication of science. So kudos

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Too complex to exist

Much like the power grid, the financial system is a series of complex, interlocking contingencies. And in such a system, the biggest risk of all

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Loves Me, Loves Me Not Do the Math

[D]ifferential equations ….represent the most powerful tool humanity has ever created for making sense of the material world.

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Culture May Be Encoded in DNA

Though birds and humans have clearly followed different evolutionary paths, birdsong culture can still inform theories of human culture.

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Love’s Labors and Costs

But even if Miller, like many a marketer who came before him, flogs his product too hard, his broadest point is well taken: We are

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