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Know Thyself

Know Thyself: Tracking Every Facet of Life, from Sleep to Mood to Pain, 24/7/365.…

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Data Center Overload

It seemed heretical to think of Karl Marx. But looking at the roomful of computers running automated trading models that themselves scan custom-formatted machine-readable financial

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Lingering | n+1

Naturally everyone wants to believe that by spending time online we are not steadily depriving real art, thought, and journalism of the attention and—since so …

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Berners-Lee: We no longer fully understand the web – opinion – 05 June 2009 – New Scientist

[The Web] connects people as they make and follow hyperlinks to a degree that results in complex properties no one expected. It has something like

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Wolfram Alpha, yet another pretender to Google’s throne.

As it kept coming up empty, Wolfram Alpha came to seem less like HAL 9000 and more like a chatbot. It’s been trained to respond

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Bio Mapping

It’s an art project that doubles as a tourist guide.

via Very Short List and Kurtis Kolt.…

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The Path and the slow video game movement. – By Chris Suellentrop

[T]he game is pleasingly weird and a good proof of concept that a video game needn’t include any fighting or puzzles in the course of

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Caught in the Net

Whatever prophets of the net say, information for its own sake is not power. Power is power. The relentless gush of electronic information and invitations

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