About Me

I am a New York-based freelance journalist and interactive media consultant. Read my ethics statement.

My writing appears widely in print and online. I’ve also worked in various editorial positions over the years, spanning print, web and television production.

I’m also a consultant and commentator on interactive content. As the principal of Predicate, I have worked with digital publishers such as Conde Nast Publications, Reuters, Arts & Entertainment Television Networks and Yahoo!

I live in charming Cold Spring, an hour north of New York City, with my fetching wife. I originally hail from leafy Vancouver, Canada.

About My Writing

I write on culture, science and technology, with a special interest in ideas journalism. Simply put, I write on what’s smart, inventive or interesting in the culture, with passing glances at what’s not. I’ve written on subjects ranging from bathroom graffiti to evolutionary psychology, serious gaming to public intellectuals, and celebrity sex tapes to urban planning.

My work has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, New York Observer, Elle, Salon.com, MIT Technology Review, Print, Metropolis, and numerous other publications.

I’m inspired chiefly by the genius writers and editors who, in the late 1990s, put brainy essayistic journalism back onto the map with Feed, Suck.com and Lingua Franca.